Strengthening Adult Immunization Communication – Stakeholder Engagement Meeting

HHS Region III Stakeholder Engagement Meeting - Thursday May 24, 2018
Welcome to the registration site for the HHS Region III Stakeholder Engagement meeting, focused on increasing communications around vaccine administration at state and local levels.

The aim of the meeting is to foster collaboration among the states in Region III (Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia), to enhance and coordinate activities related to adult immunization. Specific meeting objectives include:

  • Identify effective and successful communication strategies to expand awareness of adult immunizations
  • Promote the Standards for Adult Immunization Practice to encourage providers to inquire about immunization status at every office visit
  • Improve knowledge about ACIP recommended adult vaccines, especially vaccines relevant for younger adults/teens and older adults
  • Debunk myths and dispel immunization misinformation
  • Continue conversation on how to increase vaccine activities with state immunization directors
  • Enhance technical assistance from the regional ORISE Fellow for states and their networks

The National Adult Immunization Plan (NAIP), developed by the National Vaccine Program Office (NVPO), provides an overview of actions needed to be undertaken by federal and nonfederal partners to protect public health and achieve optimal prevention of infectious diseases and their consequences through adult vaccinations. The plan establishes four key goals, each of which is supported by objectives and strategies to guide implementation through 2020:

  • Goal 1: Strengthen the adult immunization infrastructure
  • Goal 2: Improve access to adult vaccines
  • Goal 3: Increase community demand for adult immunizations
  • Goal 4: Foster innovation in adult vaccine development and vaccination-related technologies

As part of broader efforts to support successful implementation of the NAIP and strengthen multi-sector partnerships, NVPO is supporting U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Region III to conduct a stakeholder consultation to convene key partners from the states served by the region.

    We look forward to your attendance and participation in this important discussion. Should you have any questions, please contact Elizabeth Devietti.



    Meeting Location

    The meeting will be held at:

    The College of Physicians of Philadelphia
    19 South 22nd Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103

    Meeting registration is closed.